One of our facebook fans kindly let us know of an online article on D3O on NapolMoto website.

The article reads to say the following:

D3O is an innovative material that has unique and almost magical properties, thanks to a secret formula D3O chemists have managed to create something extraordinary, especially useful for motorcyclists, to protect against shock, impact, falls and slips, the material is still flexible and comfortable inside technical clothing, unlike rigid protectors.

The main advantage of using this material is it fits inside technical garments, without making the garment ‘rigid and does not force us to move like robots, without compromising the level of protection offered.

Because of the range of brands D3O protection is available in, as shown on their website, even the most fashionable will have no excuse of being too vain to wear technical garments with this new technology inside. It is like wearing an ordinary garment but if you fell it would protect and do its job very well! Costs are still some ‘above average’, but as we know when it comes to our safety we must not spare any expense!

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